My submission to the British Library Labs Crowdsourcing Game Jam.

An A/B game in which the user classifies images as either containing a face, or not containing a face. If you're too slow, the image falls in the lava and is destroyed. Get 5 images wrong and the game is over.

Still merely a prototype.


  • left cursor = image contains a face
  • right cursor = image contains no face

Credits for graphics:

  • 'Beach Wood texture' by L.C. Nottaasen.
  • 'Scrappers' (the bear) by 'thepeachpeddler'.
  • 'Starry Sky' by Danny Thompson.
  • 'Soil' by 'bfick'.
  • 'The rice field of gold' by 'Lucky the fur'.
Published Sep 11, 2015
Made withPhaser
TagsCasual, crowdsourcing